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    美国的每一个家庭.S. is eligible to order 4 free at-home COVID-19 tests - COVID-19免费在家检测  

    COVID-19救援方案( with the below links for the updated info as well:

    Disaster Assistance Loan for EIDL for Covid-19 is max amount of $500k now(up from $150k) - 新冠经济损失灾害贷款(

    Disaster Assistance for physical damage home 和 business 和 EIDL loan for businesses affected by the Winter Storm declaration is max of $2mil still - 灾难细节(

    PPP信息链接已经改变. 这是更新后的 工资保障计划(

    We also have the new Shuttered Venue Operators Grants incoming - 关闭场地经营者拨款(

    对小型企业管理局贷款的债务减免也已经到位 SBA债务减免

    当地,德克萨斯州SBDC(Texas State SBDC : Texas State University ( 和奥斯汀得分(奥斯汀|得分) are the resource partners providing direct assistance with the UTSA COBRA in San Antonio as a grant funded group specifically formed for helping with COVID-19 recovery for businesses (SBDC COVID Business Recovery Accelerator | UTSA | University of Texas at San Antonio)



    • Google for Small Business provides COVID-19 资源 Link
    • 美国银行的客户援助计划 Link
    • Texas Mutual donates $2M to support nonprofits meeting COVID-19 needs Link
    • Facebook小企业资助计划 Link 

    资源 for businesses, non-profits, organizations

    • 奥斯汀经济伤害桥贷款计划 Link
    • 为企业和雇主提供的CDC指南 Link
    • Small Business Administration offers Disaster Relief Loans Link
    • 美国商会雇主指南 Link
    • 自由职业艺术家资源 Link
    • 德州劳工委员会共享工作计划 Link
    • 劳动力解决方案和裁员援助 Link
    • 远程工作的非营利资源 Link
    • Squarespace sets up gift cards to help your business Link
    • PeopleFund is now offering a disaster assistance loan Link
    • Planoly的设计改变:本地爱心基金 Link
    • Texas Small Business Emergency Micro-grant Source (TSBEMS) Link
    • 《世界杯滚球》 Link
    • James Beard Foundation Food 和 Beverage Industry Relief Fund Link
    • Kiva supports local businesses during the Coronavirus p和emic Link
    • LiftFund救灾2020贷款计划 Link


    • Texas Workforce Commission Rapid Response Services Link
    • Texas Workforce Commission 资源 for Job Seekers Link
    • 失业救济金申领自助服务 Link
    • 南方的烟雾帮助餐馆员工 Link
    • 帮助解决住房问题:驱逐等 Link
    • Carriers introduce plans to keep consumers connected during COVID-19 Link 
    • 管理焦虑和压力 Link
    • 全国精神疾病联盟 Link 
    • 小企业工资保障计划 Link



    • 家庭企业贷款计划 Link 
    • 家庭和医疗休假法案Q&A Link
    • COVID-19期间支持家庭 Link
    • 呆在家里,保持健康杂货配送计划 Link
    • 学校的饭仪 Link


    • COVID-19信息 Link 
    • 奥斯汀公共卫生信息 Link
    • 奥斯汀伯格斯托姆机场更新 Link


    • Purchase gift certificates to local restaurants, stores, 和 brick & 砂浆的零售商
    • 捐赠 masks, gloves, gowns to Travis County Medical Society. 拨打512.206.1249指令.
    • 捐赠 to artists, performers, 和 venues to continue the celebration of the arts
    • 向ATX所有人捐款 Link
    • 10 Ways to Support Those Affected by SXSW Cancellation Link
    • 站在奥斯丁 Link
    • Austin 世界杯滚球appless Service Organizations That Need Your Help Link 
    • COVID流浪者 Link


    Disaster Loan Assistance as a response to COVID-19
    Federal Disaster Loans for Businesses, Private Nonprofits, 世界杯滚球appowners, 和 Renters

    你可以在网上申请 所有类型的小企业管理局灾难援助贷款s. 的 online application is the fastest method to receive a decision about your loan eligibility. You have the option of submitting a paper application 通过邮件. For either application, you must submit the completed loan application 和 a signed 和 dated 国税局4506 - t giving permission for the IRS to provide SBA your tax return information.

    You may also apply in person at any Disaster Recovery Center 和 receive personal, 来自小企业管理局代表的一对一帮助. For information or to find a location near you, please contact our Customer Service Center. 打电话1- (TTY: 1-)或发电子邮件



  • 世界杯滚球app


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  • So you want to start a business but don’t know where to start -别担心,世界杯滚球是来帮忙的! In our evolving economy many people have decided to create a business to continue to do the work that they love. No matter what the motivation is to be your own boss, you can start today.

    Entrepreneurial ventures 和 small businesses have thrived in Austin, which has a number of angel investment groups that focus on startup businesses. 在这里 are some helpful tips 和 resources that will help you start 和 grow your business in Austin.

    BizAid业务方向 – This orientation is a great no-cost opportunity to meet with business professionals who can provide you with basic information 和 guidance. 定向提供以下服务:

    • 商业计划评审 & 发展援助
    • 营销计划评审 & 发展援助
    • 金融准备评估
    • 业务管理及技术支援

    Register for BizAid Orientation 和 other classes.

    In Austin, you would file your paperwork for your Assumed Name, Doing Business As (DBA) at the 特拉维斯县书记办公室. A DBA ensures the business name you plan to use is not being used by someone else in Travis County. 的 Assumed Name is good for 10 years unless changes are made.

    / WBE MBE认证 -奥斯汀的小城市 & Minority 商业资源 Department’s Certification Division is responsible for the initial 和 annual review of all certification applications. All certifications offered by the City of Austin are FREE. 联系更多信息或访问 /部门/认证.

    Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program – HUB Certification is contingent on MBE/WBE approval if proof of citizenship or naturalization 和 a Federal Tax Identification number are provided. 申请HUB认证


    Peoplefund - GABC的骄傲支持者, Peoplefund creates economic opportunity 和 financial stability for underserved people by providing access to capital, education 和 resources to build healthy small businesses. 访问Peoplefund今天!

    家庭企业贷款计划 – 的 家庭企业贷款计划 is a public-private partnership between the City of Austin, 住房和城市发展部, 和 participating private lenders to offer low-interest loans to qualified small businesses that are exp和ing 和 creating jobs. 的更多信息, call to set an appointment 和 discuss your project with a Loan Program Advisor. 有关更多信息,请单击 在这里!

    集资” – 集资” is the practice of funding a project or business by raising money from a large number of people, 通常是通过互联网. 等网站 GoFundMeKickstarter 和 Indiegogo make it easy for you to create an opportunity for the masses to donate to your new business venture.

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